Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Get Ready For Miss A’s Sexy Return With First Teaser Image For ‘Hush’!

Miss A is finally coming back after a year. They are now release their group photo for their second album ‘Hush’!

How many songs will they put in their album? Who are their composers for their songs?

Are you excited to know more about Miss A upcoming album? Well, check out the details below!

In the latest celebrity update, Miss A is kicking off the teasing process for their comeback on November 6th with second studio album ‘Hush’!

In fact, the girls have left their fans on the edge of their seats with their first teaser image, hinting at their concept in all black outfits that show a bit of skin. The ladies’ toned and lean figures silhouetted by the light shining in the back in the black and white photo seem to indicate that the girls will be opting for a sexy and mysterious image.

As previous reports, the new album will have a total of thirteen songs, including seven entirely new songs. The title song, as mentioned before will be E-Tribe’s “Hush” while the other new songs are by names like Lee Woo Min, Park Woo Sang, No Day and more.

So guys, wait patiently as the teasing process continues for their comeback on November 6th!

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