Friday, July 26, 2013

Karylle Song, Popular Even It lose!

The Phil-Pop 2013 is already over but the songs are still competing for the popularity and Karylle’s song became popular even though it didn’t win.

Is it true that Karylle’s song very popular even it loses to the contest?

Check the story below!

In the awards night of Phil-Pop 2013, the song Sa’yo Na Lang Ako which performed by Karylle didn’t win but this song is one of the most popular entry.

Some of the audience felt every lyrics of the song that makes them cry while Karylle singing the song at the final night of Phil-Pop 2013 according to the latest celebrity update.

 The song Sa’Yo Na Lang Ako has a beautiful lyrics and melody that’s the reason why it receives positive reviews and applause from the audience. It is also has the highest possibility it will become a hit song.

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