Saturday, August 03, 2013

Derek Ramsay Gets Cozy With Newly Single actress!

The TV5 star Derek is constantly exchanging messages via social media with a young actress.

Whose Derek’s rumored new girl? Are they together?

Excited to know more about Derek's new girl? Check out who she is below!

In the latest celebrity update, Derek Ramsay and Ynna Asistio may be constantly exchanging messages via social media these days. Ynna may have just broken up with her long time beau Mark Herras but Derek insists they’re just friends.

“I just met her, so wala pa naman. I don’t know what she is. Parang kaagad agad. I just met her whole family just recently. And they’re all wonderful people,” he said.

Derek also explained that a common friend introduced them to each other.

“I also met Ms Nadia Montenegro (Ynna’s mom) and she’s been wonderful to me,” he explained.

In fact, the Kapatid star added that he remains loveless, even if he’s been dating a lady athlete for quite some time.

Furthermore, he still insists that it didn’t lead to something more serious than friendship.

                “I’ll let you know when something comes up,” he promised.

Meanwhile, Derek’s latest primetime action-serye is “Undercover” with Philip Salvador and Wendell Ramos.


  1. Hi....

    Derek is lying! I know the lady athlete you guys are referring to and they weren't just friends. They were committed to each other until this flirty ynna came along.

    I can provide u with evidences if you wish just let me know how.

  2. Really??? they are more than just friends??? sure I want to see the evidences. Just go to our facebook page then message me there you can attach the photos or any kind of documents you want. thank you

  3. Yeah... im just out but when I get home I will

  4. I need an email... don't like fb. Post ur email here and I will send it there.

  5. Sent it already.

  6. Flirty Ynna? HE made the first attempt. He asked everyone for her number. that makes her flirty??


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