Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Geneva Cruz Found The Third Mr. Right!

Newly-engaged Geneva Cruz shares how she and fiancé Lee Paulsen fell in love.

How Geneva found the third Mr. Right? How she found new love?

Excited to know more about Geneva’s Mr. Right? Well, check out the story below!

When it comes to love, Geneva Cruz is the eternal optimist. She has fallen in love and gotten married twice, with Introvoys vocalist Paco Arespacohaga, and Fil-Am VJ-host KC Montero. Both marriages ended in separation.

However, while others in her shoes could have become bitter, the singer-actress conquered her wounds, moved on, and opened her heart again. 

At this time, Geneva has publicized to the world the great news, she has accepted the proposal of Fil-Australian Lee Paulsen days ago, and they’re planning a warm wedding in Australia.

Geneva’s loves story is unfolded naturally and beautifully.  Theirs is a meeting not only of the mind, but of the heart and soul.

“I met him briefly eight years ago through his sister Tania Paulsen, a commercial model in Manila at that time. She was close to Rachel Alejandro and her cousin Nino, and they all consider each other family. Tania through the years became a very close friend and a confidante... I trust her more than anyone with my problems,” Geneva recalls.

Lee’s sister Tania liked Geneva enough to think she’d make a good girlfriend for her brother. So she stated playing Cupid.

“She(Tania) told me years ago how much she thinks her brother and I would really hit it off (as friends and companions, but I am sure she secretly believed we could be more), because we have so much in common including love for philosophy, animals and the world. Lee and I started talking all these years later and we were soon inseparable,” Geneva goes on.

In fact, Tania was right. In Geneva’s eyes, Lee has all the qualities she could ever wish for in a man. He is sensitive, fiercely passionate and smart.  To top it all, Geneva believes Lee has “a huge heart, and I know that he will protect me from the harshness of this beautiful but chaotic world.”
For the first time in her life, Geneva felt really secure.

“We are also a very fun-loving, carefree couple, and we are constantly making the other laugh. His laugh is contagious; another thing that is so attractive to me.”

Lee was not good enough for rivals.  Other men courted Geneva after her relationship with KC unsuccessful. Except, she never felt that magic when she’s with Lee.

Geneva can be her peculiar self when she’s with him. And Lee doesn’t mind.

Lee loves and adores every part of me -- no pretenses. I told myself to never 'settle' and to be more patient in finding my 'one'. I finally found him after 3 long years... and it was more than worth the wait.”

Now that she’s in Cloud 9 with Mr. Right, Singer-actress hopes other ladies who have loved and lost will learn a thing or two from her.

“Regardless of the painful trials and tribulations that life throws your way, you will never find true love and happiness unless you have the courage to open your heart to it. You should never deny yourself a chance at happiness, despite what people may think of you in the process.”

Critics who blame Geneva of being too rash in love can rage all they want.

“I don't care about what other people say - me being reckless and all - they don't know me; therefore, they do not have the right to judge me.”

All she knows is that she believes in true love.  As well as it’s something to celebrate about. She knows that while others will celebrate with her, the rest will raise their eyebrows.

“It saddens me that people find it difficult to be happy for me, but I do understand that there will always be negative people in the world and you cannot please everybody.”

The more important for Geneva is what her heart telling about and believes that someone out there is meant for her.

“I sincerely believed in my heart that there was still someone out there who was meant for me... body, heart, mind and soul.”

Meanwhile, Lee and Geneva are on an extended stay in Paris since they’re enjoying each other’s company so much. Then, it’s back to work for  them. Geneva will return to Manila to promote her new album titled ‘what else’ “To Manila!” Lee will head back to Australia to work. The sweethearts will surely return to their respective countries with a spring in their step, a sparkle in their eyes.

And all because – even when all hope seemed lost – they took another chance at love.

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