Saturday, August 17, 2013

Kristen Stewart’s Career Is Taking A Backseat!

While Kristen Stewart earns millions from doing movies, she is reportedly considering a life after film.

Why Kristen’s career is taking a backseat? What’s keeping Kristen busy now?

Excited to know more about Kristen Stewart? Well, check out her story below!

In the latest celebrity update, the Twilight Saga star Kristen Stewart has reportedly enrolled at a California University.

The 23 years old Kristen will study English Literature at UCLA according to British newspaper Daily Mirror.

In fact, Kristen is reportedly focused on getting enough credits to obtain a degree rather than taking the sporadic courses.

Apparently, she is taking the step to make sure she will always have work if her acting jobs end.

“Yes, Kristen’s a Tinseltown actress worth millions but she is already considering a life after film. She never got to complete college and she wants to get a proper education. She is a voracious reader and cannot wait to get going on her correspondence course,” a source said.

On the other hand, Kristen, whose on/off relationship with Robert Pattinson ended after she was caught out after having a fling with her Snow White and Huntsman film director Rupert Sanders last year, is apparently concerned her past may come back to haunt her.

Kristen is very determined not to let any tabloid fodder bother her and will do her best to split her time between work and studying.

“It won’t be easy and it will mean putting in some fairly strenuous hours. But once she’s graduated, Kristen will be able to do almost anything she wants, in or out of Hollywood,” the insider said.

Meanwhile, Kristen has plenty of professional accomplishments to celebrate.

First, she claimed the Choice Move Actress award for romance at Teen Choice Awards for her part as Bell in The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2.

Second, she is also working on her upcoming feature ‘Camp X-Ray’ based on a Guantanamo Bay detention camp.

Third, she has been reported doing training everyday for the last three weeks for her role as a soldier named Cole.

Fourth, Kristen latest film ‘The Peter Sattler’ drama movie is scheduled for release next year, where she suffered a split lip.

Fifth, she is reportedly dating the actor Michael Pitt.

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