Friday, August 23, 2013

Mariah Carey Is A Diva In Terms Of Clothes!

Yes, the singing superstar is known for her diva-like behavior and glamorous image.

What Mariah will never wear? Just how ‘diva’ Mariah is?

Excited to know what Mariah won’t wear? Well, check out the story below!

In the latest celebrity update, Mariah Carey “doesn’t wear anything twice”.

As we all know that the superstar singer is known for her diva like behavior and glamorous image.

In fact, Mariah’s husband Nick Cannon revealed he has hardly any room to store his clothes at home as a result of his wife’s vast wardrobe.

“[Mariah] has all the closet space, so all my stuff is in the corner pushed together! I wish I had the most closet space because I probably have more clothes than she does because that’s someone who doesn’t wear anything twice,” he shared with Life & Style magazine.

On the other hand, Nick is the host of America’s Got Talent and discussed his wife’s closet habits while in New York City for the result show.

The host joked that he’s not quite sure what his wife does with the clothes she worn, but suspects they are stored elsewhere.

“It rotates through her closet. Then it goes into an archive or she’ll give it to a charity, museum, or something like that. Me? I got to wear my stuff again, so I need the closet space,” he joked.

Meanwhile, Mariah has recently been stepping out in an assortment of bling slings following a shoulder injury. The singer has wowed at red carpet events sporting feathered and studded looks wrapped around her injury.

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