Sunday, August 25, 2013

Billy Crawford Back In ‘It’s Showtime’!

Billy Crawford returns on “It’s Showtime” after his 2-week break to spend time with his family.

What Billy realized after showbiz break?

Excited to know more about the comeback of Billy Crawford? Well, check out the story below!

After taking a two-week break with his US-based family, Billy Crawford returned to the welcoming arms of his “It’s Showtime” family according to the latest celebrity update.

“Wala akong ginawa kundi makasama ang nanay at tatay ko. It’s always good to go back to your roots, to where it all started,” Billy said.

The singer-host described his short vacation in the US as a big “eye-opener.”

“Ngayon ko lang talaga nalaman na blessed ako. I love you mom, I love you dad. I owe everything to you, guys. Kung pwede ko lang ibalik lahat. Lahat ng gagawin ko ngayon at lahat ng ginagawa ko, from now until the end, para sa mommy and daddy ko. I love you guys. I miss you already,” he shared.

As we all know, Billy has an exclusive interview on “the Buzz” before he left for the US to clarify speculations about his break-up with his longtime girlfriend Nikki Gil. Billy confessed feeling “lost and confused,” and that he needed to find himself. He also added that he cut short his relationship with Nikki to protect her.

“I love her and I still do. I don’t want to continue to hurt her because I became distant. And I don’t want to continue to hurt her because if I continued with this relationship, in the long run, hindi na kami magkakatugma. We don’t see eye to eye on things,” he said on “The Buzz.”

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