Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Nicole Scherzinger ‘Crying Over Ex’!

The Filipino-American actress Nicole Scherzinger reportedly feels she only gets “empty promises” from Lewis Hamilton.

Is the empty promises she’s crying for or there is more than that? Is it really over between Nicole and Lewis?

Excited to know what happened between Nicole and Lewis? Well, check out below!

In the latest celebrity update, The singer Nicole and Formula One star Lewis began dating in 2008 and after an on/off relationship split earlier this year, not long after Lewis mentioned he was ready to propose.

However, Nicole is struggling with the end of their romance and she isn’t sure what she really wants at the moment.

“Nicole knows she needs to move on, but he keeps on begging her for another chance. She’s in tears most days because she can’t decide what to do. She feels it’s always empty promises with Lewis, but she still doesn’t know how to move on as she still loves him,” an insider told British magazine Closer.

In fact, last month Lewis seemingly aimed a tweet at Nicole, in which he urged his fans never to take their partners for granted and always put love first.

Furthermore, Lewis won the Hungarian Grand Prix and took the opportunity to pay tribute to his ex-girlfriend last weekend. He has previously spoken of the terrible toll the break-up has taken on him and once again mentioned it wasn’t what he wanted.

“The thought on my mind through the whole race was of someone who is special to me and I wanted to dedicate it to her. It’s been the toughest couple of months of my life… I am still working on getting those puzzles in place and there is a big part of the puzzle out of place at the moment. At some stage, maybe it will come back together. It is just the place that I am in at the moment,” he explained.

Meanwhile, Nicole still needs to know this will change once they reunite even if she has been touched by Lewis’ remarks but apparently it’s not enough.

                “She knows he’s trying, but it’s still all words at the moment,” the source explained.

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