Wednesday, June 06, 2012

2PM’s Wooyoung Gives More Details on His Upcoming Solo Album!


2PM’s Wooyoung talks more about his first solo debut album after he announced it last month.

What fans do expect in this album? Why he is the first 2PM member will be releasing a solo album? When it will be going to release?

According to the latest update, 2PM’s Wooyoung has returned once again to give more information about his upcoming solo album after revealing that he had be making a solo debut  last month.

In fact, Wooyoung is the first 2PM member will be having a solo debut.

Although Junho and Junsu have already experience releasing some solo tracks through their Asia tour, Wooyoung will be the first member of 2PM to formally release a solo album and promote it. His album will be consist of five or 6 songs to make it a mini-album at length. It also includes one of the self-composed songs by his fellow member Junho.

When Wooyoung asked about “why he is the first solo out of the other members”, he replied immediately and says that it was a suggestion of J.Y. Park.

“Jin Young Hyung said that compared to other members, I didn’t have a distinguishing factor all my own so he told me to release a solo album. I’m grateful that he’s giving me an opportunity like this.”

The 23 year old Wooyoung will released his first solo album in this coming July with his close friend 2AM’s Jo Kwon’s scheduled for the end of June.

So, are you excited about his album?

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