Sunday, June 24, 2012

Leonardo DiCarpio Ready To Settle Down!


Reports claim the 37 year old actor Leonardo DiCarpio is now ready to settle down with fashion model Erin Heatherton.

Is the search over for Leonardo DiCarpio? Is he really ready to wed? What are his plans now?

In the latest celebrity update, the American actor Leonardo DiCarpio and model Erin Heatherton’s relationship is heating up and they may lead to have a family. He may finally found his future wife.

However, the couple has only been dating for a short period of time and we all know Leonardo has dated quite a few models in the past but it seems that he feels his search for a wife is over.

Meanwhile, Star magazine declares that the actor is deeply in love with her Victoria’s Secret star Erin. Erin has brains, beauty and very athletic.

“Up until now, Leo’s ladies have been prissy, girly types but when he met Erin he realized he had found not only a beautiful woman but a talented athlete as well. Leo has been a real holdout when it comes to getting married. But with girl like Erin, who has beauty, brains and can shoot hoops… he may finally found his future wife,” a source told the Star magazine.

In fact, Erin almost had a career as a basketball star before she became a model. She and Leonardo love getting out into fresh air and doing physical activities when they are together.

“Leo is a huge basketball fan. He has a full court at his home in LA and is a Lakers season ticket holder. Whenever he and Erin are together they are always doing something physical like hiking in nearby canyons, riding their mountain bikes or playing ball together,” the insider added.

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