Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Lee Min Ho Collects Over 10 Million Followers Online!


The Popular actor and social networking mogul Lee Min Ho recently surpassed the 10 million mark for the size of his online fanbase!

How many followers did Lee Min Ho have in Facebook, Twitter, Me2day and other sites? Which nationality who follow Lee Min Ho most?

In the latest celebrity update, StarHaus Entertainment gives their statement about the total number of followers of Lee Min Ho on his various social media outlets. It reached in total number of 10.4 million and this result making him the most followed public figure in Korea.

The 24 year old Lee Min Ho shows off 5.4 million likes on Facebook, 4 million fans on Weibo (a Chineese website), 667,000 followers on Twitter and 230,000 followers on Me2day. 40% of the followers are Chinese on this increasing fanbase.

In fact, StarHaus gives their attributed for Lee Min Ho’s appeals that he always keeps stable communication with his fans.

“Lee always asks his fans how they are and is honest n his thoughts,” a representative of StarHaus Entertainment explained.

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