Saturday, June 16, 2012

Fans Spot KARA’s Hara Making Eye-Contact With B2ST’s Junhyung!


The public couple KARA’s Hara and B2ST’s JunHyung spotted by the fans that they are making an eye-contact on stage and they so love it.

What are the people say about the sweet moments of the two? Check out the pictures below!

In the latest celebrity update, a fan camera spotted unintentionally the public couple Hara and JunHyung having sweet moments during the ending stage last month’s MBC Korean Music Wave in Google and the pictures were uploaded on an online community.

On this video each singer and group came up on stage to greet their fans but fans are more interested when they caught JunHyung stood behind Hara.

On the other hand, the male group B2ST moved behind KARA in order to make space for another female group Wonder Girls.  Either coincidentally or intentionally of JunHyung, he stood behind Hara while Hara turned her head backwards to make eye-contact with her official beau.

After the fans seen this pictures they give their own comments.

“I don’t think it’s coincidence that JunHyung stood behind Hara,” I can feel the love” and “I’m glad the two are still going out!”


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