Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Is Rhian-KC ‘Relationship’ Is OK with Geneva Cruz?

Geneva Cruz is already working on their divorce with her estranged husband KC Montero.

What is the reason why she is setting the divorce? Is it just because of the KC Montero and Rhian Ramos relationship?

In the latest celebrity update, Geneva is finally working on the divorce with her estranged husband as well as KC Montero is very cooperative. They need it to finalize so that they can be free in their lives.

“It’s better na may proper documents kami kesa naman magkagulo pa kami baling araw. At saka, para na rin maayos na naming ang mga personal naming buhay. We both want to be happy naman with our personal lives. Kaya kailangan maayos na naming agad ‘yong divorce naming sa U.S.,” she said.

Even if they are divorced, they will still remain as a good friends and their son Heaven will always look up to KC as his Dad.

“But we will still stay as good friends and my son Heaven will always look up too KC as his Dad. Mahal na mahal siya ng anak ko and hindi magbabago ‘yon kahit na divorced na kami ni KC,” she added.

Is there any relation about the connection of KC Montero to Rhian Ramos, why they wanted to fix their divorce?

“I heard about that thing with KC and Rhian. I’m not really sure about it kasi may nagsabi lang sa akin. I guess it’s okay lang. Wala naming problema sa akin. KC has the right to do his own thing now. Like what I said, may mga personal na kaming mga buhay ngayon and gusto naming maayos yun,” she explained.

In the recent reports, Geneva has a persistent suitor and he is willing to get married with her anytime just to fix the divorce with her former husband KC.

“Tungkol sa sinasabi nilang suitor- actually suitors! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!” She said while laughing.

“Oo naman , may mga manliligaw. May nagpaparamdam sa atin. But I rarely go out on dates. Matagal na ‘yung huling date ko at group date pa iyon. Wala naman akong sineseryoso sa mga manliligaw. I am still focused on my career now,” she added.

Is Geneva is ready to get married again?

            “Regarding sa pagpapakasal ulit, hindi pa. I still have to fix itong sa amin ni KC, magpapakasal na ulit ako? Parang hindi naman tama.

Geneva’s priority now is to fix and to finalize their divorce and then she will begin dating once again without any companionship. She just want things to be in its proper place.


  1. Nope, not anymore. Tuloy na ang divorce nila Geneva Cruz at KC Montero.

  2. hay... sana sila nalang ulet ..


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