Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Robin Padilla Wants To Be Film The Love Triangle of Bebe, Carmina and Zoren!


Robin Padilla would like to produce a movie for his brother Bebe Gandanghari and Zoren Legaspi along with Carmina Villarroel.

Is Robin Padilla willing to produce a movie for Bebe and Zoren? What Zoren Legaspi says about it?

In the latest celebrity update, Mariel Rodriguez confirmed that his husband Robin Padilla is willing to produce a film for Bebe Gandanghari and Zoren Legaspi. She also said that Robin is not kidding when he told her that he is ready to produce a movie project with Zoren and Bebe.

In fact, Robin assigned her wife Mariel to line produce in this project and he is ready to loan money for Zoren’s talent fee if ever he accepted the project.

Actually, Robin has already thought about the story line of the movie and he also want to cast Carmina Villarroel.

The story revolves about the two old lovers Bebe and Carmina. They separated when Bebe went to abroad and then Carmina meet Zoren and that moment they become lovers. Their lives will be complicated when Zoren fall in love with Bebe without knowing Bebe’s past gender. They had a love triangle without knowing their lives have been connected.

The story is just only alike to the true story but it’s not based on their real life because it’s impossible for Zoren to fall in love with Bebe.

Furthermore, Robin will not putting an intimate scenes between Zoren and Bebe because as a Muslim, it’s not allowed and until now he still not accept Bebe’s sexuality.

However, Zoren didn’t give any comment, response or statement about it. He just keep on smiling every time he was asked if there any possibility, he will accept the offer of Robin.

Anyway, Zoren admitted that he didn’t keep his statement before that he is ready to face Bebe if she is here in the Philippines. Now, he realizes that it’s not the same feeling when you are in that particular situation; it changes your point of view.

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