Thursday, March 22, 2012

Is Katrina Halili Really Pregnant?

Katrina Halili has been alleged of being pregnant in a blind Item website and it’s the reason why she will be leaving her TV series “My Beloved”.

Is it really true that Katrina Halili is Pregnant? And is this the reason why she will disappear in her TV series “My beloved”? If this is true who’s the baby’s father?

Recently, there are rumors about an actress of being pregnant is spreading through blind item websites.

And now in the latest celebrity update, one of the blind item website was finally named who’s the pregnant actress which is Katrina Halili.

Although ‘serious condition’ has been said or reasoned why she need to leave her Television series ‘My Beloved’ of GMA Network, a lot of people still curious about her condition and still thinking about her pregnancy issue.

Dingdong Dantes and Marian Rivera’s publicist is also no idea about Katrina’s issue and even the officer in charge of GMA Entertainment Network, Ms Lilibeth Rasonable is still keeping her silence about this issue.

However, Kris Lawrence is suspected to be the father of Katrina’s baby if ever she is really pregnant. He is the only man, people think of because he is the recent boyfriend of Katrina even though their relationships are on and off.

The singer Kris Lawrence had a tattoo of Katrina’s face and name on one of his body part to show or to symbolize how he loves her.

Whether she is pregnant or not she needs to clarify this issue so that people stop thinking, concluding or misleading in this issue.

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