Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Zsa Zsa Padilla Hurt By Tweets!


The singer and actress Zsa Zsa Padilla has an appeal to ‘irresponsible’ social media users.

What are the bad tweets she receives? And what she says about it?

The divine diva Zsa Zsa Padilla confesses her feelings of being hurt when people give a negative comment on her Twitter, and she hopes everyone exercises responsibility and observes good manners in using social networking sites.

On In recent reports, Zsa Zsa referred as a ‘Botox queen’ and even endeavored to ask why she is still included in ‘ASAP Rocks,” according to the tweets to her.

“Masaya ba kayong mawalan ajo ng job bilang breadwinner ng family ko now? Sana magisip naman kayo sa mga tweet ninyo. Nagtratrabaho lang po. Every week nyo na Lang ako binabastos L,” she replied.

In the latest celebrity update, Zsa Zsa said on the interview at the victory party of’ ‘Budoy’ in Club Excess that she wants people to ‘have an understanding of some sort of responsibility.”

“So, sana naman yung mga kabataan ay magkaroon naman ng konting responsibility. Lahat naman tayo mga tao, mga Kristyano, karamihan naman ng Pilipino my konsyensya. I just want people, especially the young, to have an understanding of some sort of responsibility. Not just because you remain anonymous, and we are who we are, we write who we are” she said.

Padilla speaks about that she doesn’t understand why ‘there is so much hatred in the internet.” She also admits negative comments hurt her the way it would as any other person.

“It doesn’t give them the right to bash, alamin mo muna yung history ng artist, ano yung nacontribute nung artist bago ka magsalita kasi masakit eh. Tao lang kami, nakakaramdam kami ng sakit,” she said.

Zsa Zsa also said that Twitter is her way of communicating with her fans. However, malicious comments and attacks on their job take away the fun.

            “They like it when we post photos, they like it when we tell then what we’re doing, what we’re cooking, mga bagay na hindi nila nakikita sa amin. It’s just that syempre minsan kapag sariling hanapbuhay mo na ‘yung pinupunterya nila every week, hindi na talaga nakakatuwa iyon,” she added.

She thinks there are more things one should do rather than being online all the time. She feels sad for the “misguided” and those “whose parents don’t have time for them.”

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