Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Kaye Abad Clarified Of Being The “Third Party”!


Kaye Abad has been alleged to the break-up of Jason Francisco and Melai Cantiveros.

Is it true or is it just only a rumor? What is the real reason of the break-up of Jason and Melai?

In recent reports, Kaye Abad was accused to be the reason why Jason-Melai broke up.

And now, the 29 year old Kaye Abad denied that she is the third party of Jason-Melai break-up. She explains that it is so obvious; someone wants to intrigue the two lovers.

“Siyempre, hindi totoo. Nakakatawa nga kasi, mayganoong isyu. Pero wala. Kaibigan ko si Jason. Kaibigan ko rin si Melai,” she said.

When Kaye Abad was asked if she knew the real reason of Melai and Jason break-up, she has no idea about the break-up and she is single right now.

“Wala talaga. Wala akong boyfriend. Ipinagtatabuyan na nga ako ng daddy ko na mag-asawa! Ha! Ha! Ha!” She said.

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