Saturday, December 10, 2011

Angelea Preston Disqualified from America’s Next Top Model All-Stars!


The Season finale for the America’s Next Top Model All-Stars was quite a shocking revelation and a surprising twist. The three contenders are still in the running to become the America’s next top Model All-stars: Angelea Preston, Alison Harvard and Lisa D’Amato.

For the first time, three models will be walking for the runway show and then something weird just happened before the deliberation on December 07, 2011 episode. The hosts announce that Angelea Preston has been disqualified in the competition after the final runway. So what’s the real reason why Angelea was kicked off the show?

In the latest celebrity updates, nobody really knows what really happened but during the final runway, the producers had learned about something so as would makes her disqualification and not be counted for the final judging.

Meanwhile, you can see before and after the runway show, Angelea was breaking down in time to time. It seems like there is something strange is going on.

However, some rumors are circulating that the reason she has been eliminated because she was being punished for her action by bragging on her Facebook account to Model Tyson Beckford that accidentally spoiling the finale.

In the official statement, The CW learned the mystery problem of Angelea after the production wrapped and as a result.

            “After production wrapped on the current cycle of America’s Next Top Model, we learned information that made Angelea ineligible and she was subsequently disqualified from the competition. As a result, new scenes were filmed to address this for the audience during the finale.”

On the other hand, a lot of people still thinking that it means they already had already crowned the original winner and do it again whenever if it’s true. The question is, was it Angelea is the winner and re-shoot again then fake their way through it?

In fact, it is pretty noticeable that the show did re-shoot the final episode in Los Angeles. It is pretty odd because it is the first time they did it in the entire cycles and it is seems they would do it if it is necessary or if they had to revise the results in some reason way.

So it leads to another rumor which is the original winner is Angelea but lost it after violating her confidentially agreement. What do you think of Angele’s disqualification? Do you think it was fair?

The America’s Next Top Model aficionado Rich Juzwiak pointed out the show and said:

“Has no problem humiliating its contestants and making examples out of behavior. I have feeling that it’s something that would have shamed the show far more than Angelea.”

In the end, Tyra Banks announced that the 30 year old Lisa D’Amato was crowned as the first America’s Next Top Model All-stars winner. The runner-up is the 23 year old Allison Harvard while the 25 year old Angelea Preston was sent home again.

I’m really surprised, sad and disappointed that Allison didn’t win in America’s Next Top Model but for me, Allison is the real winner because she is so wonderful and original model and she is very likeable and can produce gorgeous photos.


  1. I'm going to stop watching after season 17 now, this is dispointing and unfair to the ANTM fans like me, I have watch all the seasons four or more times you have lost a fan Tyra Sorry but answers are needed for the fans . Thank you for all the wonderful previous seasons, but now time to call to a END!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. we need an explanation, at least about this disqualification


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