Tuesday, December 20, 2011

2NE1 had Interview with BBC World News In English!


The Korean singer Sandara Park has been recently in the glare of publicity for getting through food and keeps on to be in the center of attraction by admiring one of her co-member CL to the skies.

Sandara posted a photo one her ‘me2day account’ including her comments,

            “Earlier today, our team leader CL had an interview with BBC, representing 2NE1. That aired live all over the world. What a smart interview of Smart CL’s! She appeared super adorable and English was perfect. Check out the interview to enjoy her cute smile.”

As you can see CL’s picture, she is posing on a table wearing sunglasses and she very charismatic as well as her stunning body figure catches the public eye.

Meanwhile, broadcaster started speaking about the achievement of 2NE1 in scoring the ‘MTV Iggy Best New Band in the World’ award before, they discussing the global impact and potential K-Pop in latest celebrity update. Watchers were quite astonished at how the Korean native responded smoothly in English with a little bit hesitation.

CL talked about the success of the group and the significance of winning and saying that she and her groups hopes the award is to be a good start for their band 2NE1 and she don’t think they could say that a success yet but she thinks it was a good start and they have a long way to go and they or she have many things want to achieve.

            “I believe that music has no language and I think it could help people connect to our culture. K-pop will have more impact on pop music world. It is the power of music that makes us successful crossing countries beyond Asia. We will interact with fans beyond the language barriers.” CL said.

The 20 years old CL also chatted about the role of 2NE1 in paving the way for more Asian bands to make it big in the international music sight as well as how they would like to represent Asian women in the world by saying ‘I think it’s about time.’

Here is the Interview of CL:

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