Friday, December 09, 2011

Rhian Ramos Tearfully Regrets Falling in Love for Mo


The Filipina actress Rhian Ramos reveals how she fell in love with Mo Twister and the reason why she regrets about it. She also says that she will be taking a short break from showbiz world.

The 21 year old Rhian said so as she would like to rest for a little bit from the entertainment industry after the explosive controversy that publicized on the YouTube. The video showed the former boyfriend Mo talking to himself about her alleged abortion.

“For now I just asked if I could rest for a little bit. I just need some time away to spend with my family. My network, GMA, has been so good to me. They always stood by me,” Rhian’s statement on her interviewed in ’24 Oras’ on Wednesday December 07, 2011.

According to the latest celebrity update report, She was ‘very shocked and very hurt’ after she saw the video.

“I could not believe what I was seeing. I could not believe that he would say all those things about me and make a video saying things like that about me,” she said.

Rhians family was not in favor of Mo Twister for her because one of the reason is their age differences and his reputation with women but Rhian didn’t listened and followed her family’s advices instead she do what her heart says.

In fact, Rhian was only 16 years old while Mo Twister was 29 years old when they first meet.

“He gave me a lot of attention. I was very flattered. He would often say on his radio show that I’m his crush. She I was really flattered and I liked him,” she said.

The time when they became couple, everything changed, Mo became a different person and she completely know him in a different way so she tried to break him up when the time he was treating her so badly but Mo get really mad and he even threaten her every time she was trying to break him up according to the explanation of Rhian.

            “I think the most painful time was when he outright told me that, ‘I promised to take everything you love away from you.’ Yun ba yung love? Tatakutin Ka? Sisirain ka? Para ano? Para sa kanya ka lang?” Rhian shared.

However, Rhian said that she loved Mo and she thought that she was doing the right way. She has been blinded in love and she was so young when they met. She just fell in love so easily and wanted to stick by him.

And  now, she regrets and hope that she should have listen to her family’s advice because family knows what’s the best for you and will love you unconditionally. She learn her lesson from her mistakes.

If she is taking a break in Show business, what will be going to happen in her upcoming Television series with Dingdong Dantes? She will be replaced by Carla Abellana or other actress?

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