Thursday, December 15, 2011

Has Rhian Ramos Found New Love in Lacson Son?


After the Hot controversy between Rhian Ramos and her former boyfriend DJ Mo Twister, Rhian seems hasn’t stopped from finding a new love.

Another rumor are circling around between Rhian Ramos and Senator Panfilo Lacson’s son Jeric Lacson

Is true that there are romance brewing between Jeric Lacson and Rhian Ramos?

According to the current reports of the latest celebrity update, Senator Panfilo Lacson has confirmed that his son Jeric Lacson is in relationship with the young actress Rhian Ramos on Tuesday afternoon December 13, 2011.

“Yes and I don’t meddle with his love life,” Sen. Lacson text message when he was asked about his son’s rumored relationship with controversial actress Ramos.

However, Mo Twister is not agreeing to the ‘moving on’ or ‘finding new love’ by Rhian Ramos without a fight.

Cristy Fermin said in her column that Jeric purportedly called DJ Mo and told the last to stop bugging Rhian because after Rhian filed a temporary protection to stop Mo from continuing to harass her but Mo still posted on his Twitter page about the alleged abortion of Rhian.

Mo Twister allegedly fired back at Jeric Lacson and says,

“You are not the senator. You’re just his son. If you want to kill me, come here. Alone without bodyguards.”

On the other hand, Twister has keep her silence about this issue so far but recently admitted that both of them are already seeing new people.

Senator Ping Lacson was also surprised and shocked to Mo Twister’s message to his son Jeric and says,

“It’s ill-advised of Mr. Gumatay to even mention me directly and indirectly for the reason I already mentioned.”

Sen. Lacson also asked his son about the issue and Jeric replied that there is no romantic involved between him and Rhian and also the close source to Rhian said that they are nothing more than just friends.

Well, we will find out in coming few days or weeks what will be going to happen between the two of them if it’s true or it’s just a rumor only and we will be guessing that the next controversy battle has been shifted between Mo Twister and Lacson.

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