Monday, December 12, 2011

Iya Villania not yet in a hurry to get Married


In the past few months, Iya Villania has been asked if she and her beau Drew Arellano have plans of settling down any time soon in her press conference of MSE (Marikina Shoe Exchange as one of the ambassadors and she said “we’ll get there.”

And now, in her re-launching press conference of her slimming product, Iya Villiana was asked again about getting married or what directions of her relationship with Drew Arellano going to.

The 25 year old entertainer Iya said she and her longtime beau Drew are not in a hurry to tie the knot even though they have been together for over seven years according to the latest celebrity update.

“Seven years na kami together and we have no plans of heading towards the direction of breaking up. So saan pa ba ang direksyon naming? That would be marriage. But we’re not there yet.”

Marriage is very important to Iya but If they don’t get married now, it doesn’t mean their love for each other will be lessen and she plans to settle down by the age of 30 and Drew will be 36 years old by that time.

The Kapamiya TV host wants to accomplish things before settling down including becoming successful in something outside of the industry, being able to with business either clothing or restaurants, performing and touring. She will be able to start doing it by the year of 2012 and Drew is very confident enough with his age and his health to wait for her.

“Kung may problema sa kanya, e di maghahanap na lang siguro siya ng iba, dib a?” she joked.

Iya also said that she really want to be with Drew and they are willing to wait for the right time and place plus he is the one who willing to wait because he is older than her as well as they are both happy together.

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