Sunday, December 04, 2011

Jojo Bears ‘Heart and Soul’ During Black Friday


The American pop singer Jojo was back in performing with her latest song for her latest album Jumping trains.

In November 25, 2011, Jojo performs at Westfield Culver City for a midnight panjama party. She was wearing very comfortable funky pajamas.

In the latest celebrity update, the 21 year old Jojo sang several of her songs including ‘Marvin’s Room,’ and ‘Jumping Trains’ with her 2nd album single “Too Little Too Late’ prior to talking about her latest album and her new collaboration with JCPenney.

“Heart and Soul is a great line. It’s affordable, It’s cute and the fit is great. It’s accessible and I wanted to be a part of something that wide variety of people can enjoy.” The musician entertainer Jojo shared.

Jojo’ latest album Jumping Trains will be released earlier next year! Can’t wait for your album. 

Here is the performance video of JOJO:

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