Monday, August 05, 2013

Cory Monteith Dad Confident In Glee Tribute!

Cory Monteith’s father is confident that “Glee” will pay tribute to his late son “the right way”.

Will ‘Glee’ pay tribute to Cory?

Excited to know more about Cory? Well, check out the story below!

In the latest celebrity update, Cory Monteith’s father thinks Glee will pay tribute to his late son “the right way”.

Joe Monteith is aware the show plans on acknowledging his death with a true-to-life storyline.

As you remembered, the actor died last month aged 31 after taking a cocktail of alcohol and heroin following a night out with friends.

“I think It’s the right way. I had been unaware of Cory’s heroin use. I didn’t really know he was on any heavy drugs like that,” Joe told Celebuzz.

In fact, Fox network chairman Kevin Reilly announced that the third episode of Glee airing in September will directly address Finn Hudson’s drug abuse and departure.

“I do like they’ll be addressing the drug abuse. It’s important to address this for all the young people out there and for parents to keep an eye out and watch your kids. It’s up to you to go and get aware and learn about it and watch out for it,” Joe said.

Meanwhile, Joe has received 3,000 letters from fans since Cory’s passing.  The notes detail how much his son was an influence on their lives.

“I haven’t gone through all of it, but I’ve cried about it and about how much he’s going to be missed and what an impact he had. I want to watch the show. By all means, I definitely want to sit down and watch because I know how much his cast loves him. I don’t know if it will [bring closure], but maybe a little,” he said.

As we all know that Cory was dating his co-star Lea Michele when he lost his life after struggling with addiction since teenage years.

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