Sunday, August 18, 2013

Lindsay Lohan: Primed For A Comeback That Could Be Her Last!

Fresh out of rehab, Lindsay Lohan is a no show at the premiere night of her own movie.

Is Lindsay’s career reaches final destination? What happens to Lohan now?

Excited to know more about Lindsay Lohan story? Well, check out the story below!

At the premiere night of director Paul Schrader’s micro-budget thriller “The Canyons” last week in Los Angeles, the film’s star and Hollywood’s favorite troubled actress, Lindsay Lohan, was nowhere to be found among the booze-sipping pool-side crowd according to the latest celebrity update.

“We get used these last-minute situations. We know that she wanted to come but the drama wasn’t sufficient enough,” He told the audience.

“The Canyons,” penned by “American Psycho” author Bret Easton Ellis and also starring adult film actor James Deen, is just one step in Lohan’s latest attempt to revive her stalled acting career, which at age 27 may be running short on time according to industry veterans.

The former child star who earned high marks for her roles in 1998’s “The Parent Trap” and 2004’s “Mean Girls” is as recognized for her legal troubles –theft and reckless driving – as for her talent. She has been to rehab six times.

“Lindsay lives in an atmosphere of chaos. It just seems to be part of her make-up and if there isn’t chaos, somehow there becomes chaos. It’s exhausting to be around her. It’s exhausting for her,” Schrader said in an interview.

In fact, Lindsay’s success and desirable look made her one of the most adored actresses of her generation. But her inability to steer clear of trouble has pushed many fans to write her off in recent years.

Since leaving a court-ordered 90-day period in rehab last month, the actress has enlisted a clear-headed coach to help her stay clean, guest-hosted comedienne Chelsea Handler’s talk show “Chelsea Lately” on U.S. cable network E! and taped an interview with redemption queen Oprah Winfrey that will air on Sunday.

“It’s not a one-shot situation, it’s one day at a time, and her primary problem is reliability. It’s not lack of talent or lack of charisma. It’s lack of reliability,” Schrader said.

Lindsay’s publicist Tej Herring didn’t leave any comment or answers when asked regarding to the next career steps of Lohan.

The actress, who will also be the subject of a reality series on Winfrey’s OWN cable network next year, is required to attend weekly therapy sessions over the next 15 months to fulfill with a court order for a reckless driving charge.

“I actually think it’s very much within her power to reclaim her career. The way you do that doesn’t involve any smoke and mirrors or no spin doctoring or anything like that. It’s really a question of just what she seems to be doing right now, which is you put your head down and do your work,” Allan Mayer said, a Hollywood crisis manager who has had clients such as singer R. Kelly and actor Tom Cruise.

The media discussion regarding Lohan as Hollywood’s uncultivated wild child who partied away a promising career is primed to shift back in her favor and toward public redemption.

“We won’t change our minds arbitrarily. But if someone can come along and give us a good solid reason to change our mind, to think differently about something we’ve been told the same thing about over and over again, we’ll grab at it,” Mayer said.

On the other hand, Even though the reviews of “The Canyons” have been generally negative, critics have been good to Lohan they even praised her performance as the jaded actress Tara, who finds herself in the crosshairs of her jealous boyfriend’s psychological manipulation. Variety’s Scott praised Lohan’s “raw conviction” and her “uncanny conflagration of drama and autobiography.”

As matter of truth, Lindsay’s redemption may take some time.

“I heard a studio person talking and she would have to do almost a year and a half or two years of reliable work before that reputation would go away,” Schrader said.

Furthermore, one thing that critics and Schrader agree on is that Lohan still has talent, and if her lively performance on “Chelsea Lately” is any signal, the actress has a bright future once again.

“I think it’s that type of performance that will put her back into good graces with fans and the industry. She was smart, she was self-deprecating, she was quick,” Mark Pasetsky said, a celebrity branding expert and former editor of OK! Magazine.

However, there is one more hindrance might Lindsay to face in Hollywood and that is her gender, which women in the industry have it tougher than men and he pointed out the actor Robert Downey Jr., who was able to bounce back from substance abuse and rehab, and become one of the top earners in Hollywood.

“She’s 27 now, and as an actress, you’re starting to get to your last shot,” Pasetsky said, who heads the public relations firm Mark Allen & Co.

Even if Mayer believes that an emotional performance by Lohan with Winfrey is no longer the sure image boost that it once was.

“Everybody is rooting for her (Lohan) to have a comeback. This is somebody that there’s a great affection for because of the earliest part of her career… This is not somebody that people want to see fail,” Pasetsky said.

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