Monday, August 12, 2013

Billy On Nikki: ‘I Love Her and I still Do’!

An emotional Billy Crawford talks about his break-up with Nikki Gil, his girlfriend of more than four years.

Why Nikki and Billy had to split?

Excited to know the real reason why Billy-Nikki split? Well, check out the story below!

In the latest celebrity update, Billy Crawford admitted that Nikki Gil has no fault in their break-up and he claimed that he is not a perfect person.

“She has no fault. I’m not a perfect guy. I’m not a perfect person. I’ve done some things in my life that I regretted. And she supported it. She understood. She was there. But I tend to go home by myself,” he revealed.

The singer-host Billy asked Nikki to give him a chance to find himself and he wants to protect Nikki that’s the reason he no longer wanted to continue the relationship.

“It’s so simple to go around with friends and to enjoy and forget about the problems, nakalimutan ko ako eh. I’m the one who’s completely lost and I’m searching. I asked her this, ‘Give me the chance to find myself.’ It’s very difficult,” he tearfully said.

Billy proclaimed that he still love Nikki.

“I love her and I still do. I don’t want to continue to hurt her because I became distant. And I don’t want to continue to hurt her because If I continued with this relationship, in the long run, hindi na kami magkakatugma. We don’t see eye to eye on things,” he said.

“I just fell out of the face of the earth. People see me every day but they don’t see me when I’m home,” Billy added.

Billy also revealed that while he always wanted to make everyone around him happy, he forgot about himself and what truly makes him happy.

“I forgot who I am. I don’t know what I’m doing. Because all I know what to do is to work. It’s been almost 26 years I’ve been in this industry. I’ve been everywhere. And this is the first time I ever felt this way,” he said.

In fact, Billy is returned to the U.S. to do some soul searching with the help of his parents.

“I really need to be with my mom. I have to start from scratch. I have to start from where I came from. I came from my parents. I need to try to find what was making me happy before, who I was,” he said.

Billy also shared that he and Nikki fought for their relationship but he just ‘wasn’t there.’ The break-up was not due to a third party instead the problem is him.

“I sometimes feel like I’m not good enough. I learned na importante pala na mahanap mo muna ang sarili mo. I think kung maligaya ka, mas medaling magpaligaya ng tao. The later part of our relationship, hindi ko siya napaligaya.. Nasaktan ko siya. She’s an amazing person,” he said.

His message to Nikki was short yet meaningful. “I hope you understand.”

Meanwhile, Billy also has a message to the people who were saddened by his break-up with Nikki.

“Pasensya na kayo. Sa lahat din ng sumuporta sa relationship naming ni Nikki, I think I can say, from the both of us, we really thank you, kasi they gave us strength. I’m sorry. It’s really pressuring to be honest with you, that you’re perceived as one of the most looked up couples in the industry and mahirap,” he said.

Furthermore, he tearfully pleaded to God to “save him.”

                “I feel like the devil is really strong. I feel defeated. All I can ask for is forgiveness,” he pleaded.
A reliable source says Nikki has opted not to respond to the interview anymore.

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