Friday, August 30, 2013

Zia Quizon On Being Compared To Zsa Zsa and Karylle!

Zia Quizon says she can’t stop people from comparing her to mom Zsa-Zsa and sister Karylle.

How Zia feels amid comparisons? Who’s better? Does Zia feel more pressured because her first album was a success? Or is it because she comes from a family of singers (her dad, Dolphy, is also known for his singing talent)?

Excited to know more about Zia Quizon? Well, check out the story below!

In the latest celebrity update, Zia Quizon denies varying her musical style just to avoid comparisons with her mother Zsa Zsa Padilla and sister Karylle.

“I think talagang iyon lang ang lumalabas kapag nagsulat ako or kapag nag-iisip ng concept. I think sa OPM, mas naapreciate na ng mga tao na yung true personality shines through your music being your own personality,” Zia said.

Although Zia’s jazz, soul and pop sound is distinct from her mom’s signature ballads and Karyll’s pop songs, Zsa Zsa’s youngest daughter knows people will always compare them.

“We’re just starting to shape the idea na it’s not about better, or worse or best. Everyone should be the best version of themselves. And I think my sister is the best version of herself, di ba? I can only aspire to be like that personally,” she explained.

Zia admires the way Karylle is handling her career. Aside from singing, Karylle can hosts and acts in musical plays.

“I don’t feel that I’m there yet, so I would think that she’s the better singer. Kasi she knows where she’s going talaga in life and her ideals in life come through. She’s also writing din now. I think it’s kanya-kanya na din,” Zia said.

Apparently, Zia might venture into acting “eventually.’

“I’m a very open, kind of go-with-the-flow. Pero sa totoo lang, mas behind the scenes ako interesado. Nagsusulat, directing, maybe producing and getting to shape the industry itself, not just being a part of it,” she revealed.

In fact, Zia is pressured as well because her album is a success and she is a part of a family who known for a great singers but she also use it to push forward.

“I think both. And we want to use that pressure din to push forward and make something na we’re proud of. Hopefully, people will appreciate the meaning of the music na they can change life din and music to affect a person’s life,” she said.

On the other hand, Zia also said that the family is doing quite well after a year her dad passed away.

“It’s kind of baby steps kind of a process din, but you know, we’re learning. We’re growing every day. I’m just glad din kasi I get to focus a little bit more on who we are as people kaya medyo existentialist thoughts between daughter and mom. So, it’s a nice experience din kasi we get to discover ourselves,” she shared.

Meanwhile, the new album “A Little Bit Of Lovin” includes her songs “Kung Ayaw Mo Sa ‘Kin,” “Bakit DI Ka Crush ng Crush Mo” and “Katulad Ng Iba,” Zia’s also collaborate with rapper Gloc-9.

“I think it’s nice lang din kasi I got to dedicate it to my dad and my mom, too. I wouldn’t be anywhere without them so it was nice opportunity to dedicate the whole album to them,” she said.

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