Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Harry Styles Makes Revelations About His Sex Life!

In an interview, One Direction’s Harry Styles reveals how many women he was intimate with.

Is it too much information?

Excited to know more revelations of Harry Styles? Well, check out the story below!

In the latest celebrity update, One of the guys of One Direction Harry Styles has already caused some divisive reactions, plus he dropped some more revelations on the boy band, but the most surprising revelations to come out is the love life of Harry Styles.

In fact, Styles is often portrayed as the girl-crazed Lothario of the group. He admitted that his reputation is more a media construct than a reality. When he asked how many women he’s had sex with, Styles revealed the number is pretty low.

“It’s definitely less than 100… Yes, lower than 50… I’m not doing this! You’re cornering me! Yes, two people, I’ve only ever had sex with two people. That’s my answer. Read from it what you will!” The 19 years old told the GQ magazine.

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