Thursday, August 15, 2013

Rocco Nacino’s Temptations!

Although he concedes that showbiz is tempting, the actor says he’s got the right amount of tolerance.

How Rocco resists showbiz temptations?

Excited to know Rocco’s temptation story? Well, check out the story below!

In the latest celebrity update, the Kapuso actor Rocco Nacino doesn’t deny showbiz is teeming with temptations.

“Sa tatlong taon na sa showbiz, I know that there are always temptations. It’s just a matter of knowing what’s right and wrong. Swerte ako na may best friends ako at work. Sila ang natuturo sa aking kung paano magpakumbaba,” he said.

The star of the Metro Filmfest entry “San Pedro Calungsod, Batang Martir” also feels blessed he is a registered nurse. This gives him a better grasp of what to avoid so he will remain in tiptop shape for the growing demands of his career.

“Everything na bawal sa katawan alam ko. May mga pasyente ako na who were under the influence at alam ko na hindi ako aabot sag anon,” he explained.

Rocco also knows that a sunny outlook does wonders on the spirit.

“I’ve always had a positive attitude. Very optimistic akong tao. Kahit negative, I always turn it into something positive. Kapag malungkot ako, lalong nakaka-depress. Kapag Masaya ka, maayos ang lahat, he said.

In no doubt, Rocco portrayed the young Filipino saint martyred in Guam when GMA News TV came to a decision to do a historical docu-dram on San Pedro Calungsod yet Rocco never thought he would replace JM De Guzman for the title role. The news came when Rocco least expected – or even needed it. He has three shows: ‘Sunday All Stars,’ Akin Pa Rin Ang Bukas,’ and ‘Titser.’ A fourth project would be too much for him.

However, Rocco wants the role badly because of the challenges it offers. He is excited to learn Latin (for the Latin masses common during San Pedro Calungsod’s time), Spanish and the Visayan dialect (since the saint came from Cebu). He is also looking forward to attending a Latin mass for the first time.
Rocco is also avoiding projects that require him to show more skin that usual.

                “I have to be in character. I want to have this (wholesome) image for this year.”

As a matter of fact, Rocco knows his priorities. For the end of the year, it’s the ‘Calungsod’ film. He also knows it will pit him against the big stars like Kris Aquino, Vic Sotto, Maricel Soriano and others who have Metro Filmfest entries themselves.

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