Saturday, August 24, 2013

Jojo Sues Record Labels After Years Of Conflicts!

Joanna “Jojo” Levesque has grown up and ultimately out grown the myriad issues caused by her record label, Blckground Records, which she is aggressively trying to leave.

Why she decided to sue her record label? What really happen to Jojo’s career? Why only now? What exactly has Blackground Records done?

Excited to know everything about Jojo’s issues? Well, check out the story and her recent R&B single below!

In the latest celebrity update, the style icon Joanna Noelle Blagden Levesque (better known as Jojo), the only pop superstar who hasn’t release an album in nearly a decade, has already filed papers in New York State Supreme Court against her label, Blackground Records, for failing to release her third album and indentation Da Family Records claiming that she is no longer their artist.

In fact, the grounds that New York State law prohibits minor from signing contracts that last more than seven years and yet Jojo declared that her parents signed a contract with the label in year 2004 so by the law, her contract should have been expired in year 2011, which means the whole thing should be over and she can start a new thing.

Furthermore, the papers state that Jojo has also been “dissatisfied with her professional relationship with the Da Family and Blackground for so many years,” for a series of reasons. Even though she delivered them her album on multiple events, they never released it; their Interscope distribution deal fell apart; and the worst is they didn’t even pay the producers and vendors, which damaged Jojo’s reputation in the business.

In addition, the papers say that Jojo’s mislaid on other professional opportunities including brand endorsements, business contacts, and merchandise, touring and good publicity.

The suits assumed that she’s running out of time to resound with her tween audience, now, nearly a decade after first producing a fan base.

However, the most intriguing is that Neither Jojo or her attorney ever got a copy of her contract.

Meanwhile, Jojo had a hits singles like “Leave (Get Out),” “Baby, It’s You,” and “Too Little Too Late” as a teen, has struggled for years to release the follow-up to 2006’s “the High Road.” Yet, Jojo’s 2012 single “Demonstrate,” produced by Drake  was supposed to be the lead single for her third album but never materialized and then the entertainer opted to self-release a critically acclaimed mixtape, “Agape,” last December to tide over restless fans.

“I don’t have a relationship with them. I would just prefer to have a platform to release my music support. I desire to have a relationship with a label, I desire to work hard and I desire to be a part of a team and be a team player. I desire to support, that’s all,” She told Billboard.

Check Out the Music Video of Andre below!

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