Saturday, August 24, 2013

‘Iron Man’ Robert Downey Jr. Leads Forbes’ Highest-Paid Actors!

According to, “Iron Man” Robert Downey Jr. is Hollywood’s highest paid actor, ahead of Channing Tatum and Hugh Jackman.

How much Robert earned?

Excited to know more who’s got in to the top in the list of the highest paid actors? Well, check out the story below!

In the latest celebrity update, Robert Downey Jr. earned with the estimated of $75 million that makes him the highest paid actor.

The 48 years old Downey starred in Disney’s Marvel superhero movies “The Avengers” in 2012 and “Iron Man 3” in 2013, each of which earned more thatn$1 billion at the box office, assuring him the top spot in the annual ranking of Hollywood’s top acting earners.

“Every studio in town would love to cast him, and now they’ll pay big buck for the privilege,” contributor Dorothy Pomerantz said about Downey on Tuesday. estimated his earnings from June 2012 through June2013.

The 33 year old Channing Tatum, who self-financed the male-stripper movie “Magic Mike” that made $167 million with director Steven Soderbergh, captured the number two spot with estimated earnings of $60 million. The 44 years old Australian actor Hugh Jackman, whose new movie “The Wolverine,” was not so far behind with $55 million.

The 42 years old Mark Wahlberg had a comedy hit with “Ted,” a film that earned $550 million and pumped up hi earning to $52 million to secure fourth place and the 44 years old wrestler-turned actor Dwayne “The Rock’ Johnson round out the top five with $46 million.

In fact, Johnson starred in “Fast and Furious 6,” which made $500 million at the box office in less than two weeks and “G.I. Joe: Retaliation.”

The 46 years old Adam Sandler got the number seven was the only comedian to make the top 10 thanks mainly to the animated hit “Hotel Transylvania, which grossed $347 million and helped bump his earnings up to $37 million.

The 58 years old Denzel Washington took a cut in pay in exchange for a share of the profits for “Flight,” which turned out to be a shrewd deal. The film made $162 million putting the Oscar winner in eighth place with earnings of $33 million.

Last year, the 58 years old Tom Cruise topped the list with earnings of $75 million. This year, he dropped to eighth place with $35 million, gained largely from his international audience, Forbes said.

Meanwhile, compiled the ranking and estimated earnings by talking to managers, producers and agents.

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