Saturday, August 17, 2013

Joem Bascon Controversial Love Scenes With Jake Cuenca and Lovi Poe in ‘Lihis’!

Hunk actors Joem Bascon and Jake Cuenca star in the upcoming gay-themed indie film “Lihis” along with Lovi Poe. The two play NPA lovers during the martial law days!

Is Jake feel nervous during their intimate scenes with Joem? Have Jake question his sexuality after doing this film? Did Joem have doubts in their love scene with Jake? Will Joem do frontal nudity? What do we expect from the movie besides their hot love scenes?

Excited to know more about this story? Well, check out the story, some love scenes of Jake, Joem and Lovi, and the trailer below!

In the latest celebrity update, Hunk actors Jake Cuenca and Joem Bascon star in the upcoming Joel Lamangan’s gay-themed indie film “Lihis.” Jake and Joem play NPA lovers during the martial law days.

Aside from the historic theme of the film, the intimate very hot love scenes of Jake and Joem made the film more exciting.

The role requires portraying a gay man who tries to repress his sexuality in the ‘70s but he fails. Jake has decided to plunge head-on to an unknown place. He doesn’t know if people will going to accept him for it but all he knows for the moment that it’s good for him as an actor and that’s all that matters to him for now.
In fact, Jake guarantees he is very comfortable with his sexuality. Joem doesn’t mind if he’s second choice to Baron Geisler in the role of Ador.

As Ador, he’s a student activist who goes underground and meets Jake as Cesar, and idealistic young poet while both of them are NPA rebels in the mountains. They have a secret affair, a no-no in the underground movement in the 70’s. Then Lovi Poe comes between them and seduces Joem, bearing a child with him who grows up to be Isabell Daza. Joem has torrid love scenes with both Jake and Lovi in the film.

Direk Joel explained everything to the cast of Lihis especially to Jake and Joem so they both resolved it and had a wonderful cooperation. They are also willing to do a frontal nudity if it’s necessary to make the film beautiful.

“Before we started shooting, Direk Joel explained everything to us and Jake and I resolved will cooperate sa anumang ipapagawa niya sa’min. If he’d require us to do it, okay basta sa ikagaganda ng movie,” Joem said.

Meanwhile, the film is also features Isabell Daza, Lovi Poe, Gloria Diaz, Raquel Villavicencio, Jaime Pebanco, Alex Castro and Tony Mabesa.

The film is an official entry to the very first ‘Sineng Pambansa National Film Festival All-Masters Edition including the other 12 entries. It is schedule to release nationwide on September 7, 2013.

 Lihis Trailer:

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