Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Wonder Girls’ Sunmi Finally Comes Back As A Solo Artist!

Sumni is finally coming back on the stage after three years since she left Wonder Girls.

What can we expect from Sunmi? What kind of transformation she did after three years?

Excited to know more about Sunmi’s album? Well, check out the story below!

In the recent reports Sunmi announced three teaser images through JYP official website and SNS, then begin the countdown for her upcoming solo comeback.

As you can see the photo, Sunmi show off her new pink bob hairstyle which accentuates her white, flawless skin and feminine image. She also took off her little girl image as a Wonder Girls’ member and successfully transformed herself into a women with mysterious, sexy charm.

“She will show ‘the real Sunmi’ with this solo album. You may expect to see a lot of changes Sunmi will show on the stage,” JYP Entertainment said.

Meanwhile, Sunmi will reveal the official music video for her title track ’24 hours is not enough’ on the 20th and release her digital single album on the 26th of August according to the latest celebrity update.

“This album will be filled with charms that are most Sunmi. Please anticipate Sunmi’s transformation and charms that will be released in order,” JYP Entertainment said.

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