Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Eugene Domingo Lose Weight!

Cheer Factor: From 140 pounds three years ago, Eugene Domingo’s weight is now down to 112.

How she did it? How Eugene lost weight? What’s her motivation?

Excited to know more about Eugene Domingo healthy lifestyle? Well, check out the story below!

In the latest celebrity update, the comedienne Eugene Domingo has noticeably left her old chubby self behind by embracing a healthy lifestyle for about three years now. Keeping in mind the discipline to maintain her diet, she has gradually lost unwanted pounds and gained a positive outlook in the process.

In fact, Eugene’ weight is down to 112 from 140lbs three years ago.

“Mas gusto ko talaga ng Diyos na alagaan natin ang katawan natin. Tsaka mas marami tayong magagawa. Totoo naman talagang health is wealth. Aanhin mo naman ‘yung maraming marami kang money hindi ka naman makalabas ng bahay because you don’t feel well?” she said.

 However, Eugene did not slash fats the easy way. Her fitness program includes exercise and cleansing, and constant appointment to her dietitian.

Apparently, the Kapuso actress’ diet is mainly composed of more vegetables and fish. She has totally ditched red meat, except for occasional lamb.

“Nagla-lamb ako once in a while pero may meaning. [Dapat] may celebration. Hirap siyang tunawin e. Tsaka mataas sa cholesterol,” she said.

Eugene’s motivation is to have light weight and regular movements that she can do anything.

“Gusto ko magaan ang weight ko tsaka mas regular ‘yung movements kasi mahirap talagang tunawin ‘yung meat… mga beef,” she explained.

On the other hand, she decided to change her lifestyle when the times she could no longer cope with the roles she plays.

“Right after ‘Kimmy Dora 1,’ mabilis mapagod at ‘pagshooting hinihingal na ko dun sa scenes. E most of the character na binibigay sa ‘kin masyadong active, so I cannot be weak,’ she said.

The Kimmy Dora star also realized that she’s not getting younger anymore.

“Na-realize ko na when you reach a certain age dapat you learn to love yourself more. So physically you start with your body. Hindi naman talaga porke’t malakas ka at bata ka, inaabuse mo na ‘yung strength mo, ‘yung energy mo. Totoo ‘yung sinabi nila na once you get old, babalikan at babalikan ka ng mga bisyo mo,’ she realized.

Furthermore, one of the reasons why she is very motivated to become fit is her love to travel.

“I always believe that we have to explore and we have to take care of our body para mas marami kang activities, [at] mas marami kang mapuntahan. Ako, I love to travel. And we only have one body. We have to take care of it,” she said.

For Eugene, travelling is one of the best ways to learn some new things like education, food, and people, to have some fun and to expose yourself.

Eugene’s next destination is ‘Bohol.’ She definitely love travelling within the Philippines she always make it a point that she go to provinces for the first time.

                “Maganda ang Pilipinas, magandang maganda ang Pilipinas.”

However, there is more thing she wants to do for herself is to study abroad.

“Gusto kong mag-aral ulit. I want to study abroad kahit three months lang. Gusto ko mag-aral ng Italian,” she said.

Meanwhile, Uge is currently filming the last installment of the hit film franchise, “Kimmy Dora: Ang Kyemeng Prequel,” in competition at the Metro Manila Film Festival this coming December.

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