Tuesday, August 27, 2013

KARA To Pre-Release ‘Runaway’ And Promote With A Koreat Title Track For The First Time!

KARA will be making a return to the Korean music scene after a year hiatus.

Excited to know more about KARA’s comeback? Well, check out the pre-release and teasear video of KARA and the story below!

In the latest celebrity update, the K-Pop girl group KARA has confirmed their return next month September with their title song “Can’t Be A Lady”.

In fact, the group has been already released their new song called ‘Runaway’ on August 21, 2013 which represents something new that they are trying out for the first time since their debut. The song also has a Korean title called ‘One of the Two,’ and is longer than 5 syllabuses which are also first for the group. With 3 new materials planned for their pre-release song, fans are so looking forward to it.

In fact, KARA has thus far promoted title songs with English names like ‘Rock U’, ‘Pretty Girl’, ‘Mister,’ ‘STEP,’ and PANDORA’. But they didn’t intentionally give their song titles in English, it’s just fell in place coincidentally.

Furthermore, their song names weren’t longer than 4 syllabuses but this time they’ll be having 5 syllabuses, So this is a brand new change for the group. They are also attempting to do a pre-release song event for the first time.

‘One of the Two’ was written by hit composer Shin Eun Ji and the song is a mid-tempo that can best show the transformation of KARA in terms of vocal skills.

Meanwhile, KARA is drawing much attention from their fans all over the world ahead of its release on September 02, 2013. their 4th album title Full Bloom

Runaway Video:

KARA's Teaser Video for Damaged Lady:

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