Sunday, December 11, 2011

X Factor’s Rachel Crow Breaks Down After Being Voted Out!


The X Factor first season was full of surprises and shocking revelations.

The first shocking was when Drew Ryiewicz eliminated from the competition. A lot of people were very surprised from the judges’ decision and even Justin Bieber shows his sympathy for Drew through his twitter page.

Rachel Crow and Marcus Canty were in the bottom of two and sing for the judges once again. Rachel’s position in the competition was put in danger when Judge Nicole threw her vote to a tie.

And now, in latest celebrity update, another shocking announcement has been made by the presenter Steve Jones. The 13 year old Rachel Crow was the one eliminated from the competition when the 33 year old Nicole Zchersinger, who obviously thought Rachel deserved to stay but she didn’t want to be the one to give the decision so she decided to go to ‘DEADLOCK’ and leave it to the America’s votes but then again, unfortunately, Rachel was not got enough of votes and Marcus Canty stay for another week.

The time, Rachel realizes her journey in the X Factor was over, she burst into emotional exit then collapsed in a full of tears and devastated after she was sent home. Followed by Simon Cowell pick her up and her mother rushed onto the stage to comfort her as well as she assures her mother that everything will be alright.

While, Nicole Scherzinger was also burst into tears and go to the stage then stood awkwardly behind Rachel. She could save the young singer but instead she threw it to make their vote tie.

After the heartbreaking moment, Rachel still gives her last words to her fans and says:

I just love you so much, everybody, for voting me even though you didn’t and thank you for giving me this because without you I am nothing. I hope this is not my ending, you know what I know it’s not.”

Simon also gives his words by thanking the fans who voted Rachel and supporting her along her journey in X Factor.

In the meantime, A lot of fans and the audience of X Factor were disappointed in the results and the decisions of Nicole.

I was shock when I found out Rachel was the one eliminated. It was so heartbreaking every time I saw the moment of Rachel’s crying. I’m very surprised, sad and disappointed that Rachel Crow didn’t make it and to what Nicole’s decision, she could change the fate but well, it’s her decision. But for me, Rachel is the real winner because she has a beautiful voice, a great talent, very likeable and has the X Factor. Maybe some of her fans were feeling too safe that Rachel will be going to the next round so they didn’t push through it like what happened to Pia Toscano in American Idol. However, we know that you’ll be a star and we will be expecting and waiting for your albums and concerts.

What do you think about it?

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