Wednesday, June 06, 2012

John Prats Feels Hurt About ‘Playboy’ Tag!


The Filipino actor John Prats has been labeled as ‘playboy’ or ‘babaero after he broke up with his former girlfriend Bianca Manalo.

Is it really true that he is a ‘playboy’? What John Prats going to say about it?

In the latest celebrity update, John Prats is hurt because of the people judging him and labeling him as a ‘playboy’ or ‘babaero’ after ending his seven months relationship with his former girlfriend Bianca Manalo.

“Yung babaero, nasaktan talaga ako. Masakit talaga iyon kasi hindi naman nakaka-proud na tawagin kang ganoon. Hindi ko lang po talaga trip lang ang pakikipaghiwalay at hindi ko naman iyon hobby. Lahat may rason,” John admitted in an interview on “Bandila” on Monday June 04, 2012.
 Prats also confirmed the break-up in the said ABS-CBN show “Bandila”.

However, he still kept mum about the reports connecting him to one of the members of Sexbomb dancer and a co-star on “Banana Split” Sunshine Garcia, who has been alleged to be the third party behind the break-up but she denied the speculations.

He also added that he has high respect for Bianca and he wants to handle this situation or issue between them as privately as possible.

                “Sana ibigay niyo lang sa amin iyong bagay na ito, na kaming maghandle lang dalawa,” John said.

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