Saturday, June 23, 2012

Robi Domingo Will Quit Showbiz!


The Pinoy Big Brother Alumnus Robi Domingo reveals that he might quit showbiz!

What will make Robi Domingo quit showbiz?

In the latest celebrity update, Robi Domingo revealed that he might get into medical school next year and then quit showbiz even if he may have his hands full as host in a new reality show of ABS-CBN “I Dare You”.

“Yes. (Showbiz) no more,” Robi revealed at the launch of The Body Shop’s cruelty-free Lily Cole makeup line at the Mall of Asia last Thursday June 21, 2012.

Mockingly, the 22 year old actor’s revelation came at a nick of time when he confesses that he enjoying showbiz.

“It has been really weird, awkward, but during-I think- or (towards) my fifth year, I’m beginning to enjoy everything because when I started last to 2008 up to 2012 I was doing some school things at the same time. At least (for) now it’s just thinking about showbiz, not school anymore. It’s not the typical kind of thinking for me before that you’ll be going to school, to Ateneo then going to ABS after,” Robi said.

 Meanwhile, Robi was not as open about his love life, though. He regretted talking about it for the first time in a TV show and he is afraid discussing it again because he might get him into trouble.

On the other hand, he rather talks about his new show “I Dare You.” He describes it as ‘more intense and more challenging,’ as it will attribute more than the one-day fascination seen in the preceding season.

The 2nd season hosts of ‘I Dare You’ are, Robi Domingo, John Prats, Pinoy Big Borther’s Deniesse Joaquin and the first season host Melai Cantiveros.

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