Sunday, June 03, 2012

Miss A’s Suzy Blushes After Sending A Cameo Request To Lee Min Ki!


Miss A’s Suzy got blushes when the name of Lee Min Ki comes out during the interview on KBS2’s Entertainment Weekly.

Why Suzy blushes when she heard Lee Min Ki’s name? Is she had a crush on him? Or is she really like him?

In the latest celebrity update, the stars of new drama ‘Big’, which premiere on June 04, 2012,Gong Yoo, Lee Min Jung and Suzy appeared for an exclusive interview on KBS2’s ‘Entertainment Weekly’ on June 02, 2012.

On this special episode, the three main stars are gathered together on the set of ‘Big’ to reveal their some honest thoughts about each other.

                “She really looked like a doll,” Lee Min Jung said on her first impression of Suzy.

In fact, Lee Min Jung also had doll-like features on her own so that when the interviewer commented about her statement, she replied, “I’m a doll that’s a bit old now. Suzy is like a doll that’s just been born. Her skin is so fresh.”

When Lee Min Jung asked about the cameo role for ‘Big’, she replied, “I saw that Lee Seung Gi sshi came out on ‘The Greatest Love’. If only he came out on ours,” and then Suzy said, “Lee Min Ki sunbae.”

                “I personally know Lee Min Ki. I’ll call him for you,” Gong Yoo commented.

Suzy started blushing immediately and Gong Yoo follow with, “I guess you really do like him,” making Suzy even more embarrassed, blushed and elicited laughter on the set.

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