Monday, June 04, 2012

Wonder Girls Music Video For “Like This” Released!


The lovely Wonder Girls have returned with their latest mini Korean album ‘Wonder Party’ along with the music video for their title track “Like This” on June 03, 2012.

How many views did this video earned for a day? Is the new song of Wonder Girls “Like This” is a catchy and awesome like “Be My Baby” or “Nobody”? Well, check out the Music Video of “Like This” below!

In the latest update, the production of the music video for the new single of Wonder Girls “Like This” has been huge and major project that JYP Entertainment has ever been. It consist of 300 people participating as their background dancers, 500 crew members, 112 Days of Planning, Special Equipment with Cameras attached to a flying drone and a lot more in to it. (Wow that’s totally huge).

It is the hip-hop styled beat song which Wonder Girls present with a combination of electronic sound and creates the delightful and exciting charm.

In fact, the music video earned 1 Million plus views on YouTube for only a day and receives positive comments.

Well I guess Wonder Girls didn’t fail their fans for another amazing song. Keep it up girls!

Check out the awesome MV Below! And don’t forget to support it by purchasing the music!

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