Wednesday, June 06, 2012

2PM’s Taecyeon Using ‘TY’ As A Composer Name


2PM’s Taecyeon has announced the nickname he will be using for his composing Work!

Why he come up with this name?

Check out Taecyeon performance of his self-composed track After You Left Me and list of he composed tracks below!

As you recall on May 25th, 2PM’s Taecyeon post a tweet on his twitter:

“Hello everyone, how did you like the songs that I wrote? ‘Kiss’ and After you Left Me’?? ==== I sang my first songs that I wrote on stage for the very first time. As I promised, I will upload them on the official café if these songs aren’t released as a digital single or on an album.”

Taecyeon performed his self-composed track “After You Left Me” at the Six Beautiful Days concert in Japan and it was captured on fancam. It seems the song has a feature from one of the members of Wonder Girls Yenny and he performed the song splendidly even though his arm was in a cast.

The viewers who saw the video and watch the concert left comments like, “I Love You Taecyeon” and “This song is awesome”.


In the latest celebrity update, Taecyeon revealed his nickname that he will be using for his composing work on Twitter:

“I recently completed a song that I’ve been writing. Of course, it will be upgraded from here and everything, but I’ve decided to use ‘TY’ as my composer name. Even though I haven’t made an official as a composer yet, that’s what I’ve decided! I should whisper ‘TY’ at the beginning of songs!”

In fact, Taecyeon and his fellow 2PM members has been studying composition with the other members during his free time in an effort to achieve one of his dreams including a self-composed song on 2PM’s album.

Meanwhile, J.Y. Park had even admired Taecyeon’s skills through Twitter, so the expectations from him are running quite high.

The Netizens also give their comments:

“Taeceyon’s transforming into a composer as well?” “Now that he’s chosen a name, when will he make his debut?” “Looks like he’s got a few songs up his sleeves”, and “I hope it gets included in 2PM’s album.”

Here’s Taecyeon performance of “After You Left Me”:

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