Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Who Wore It Best: Suzy Or Taeyeon?


Miss A’s Suzy and Girls Generation’s Taeyeon have both been spotted wearing the same jacket.

Who do you think wore it best? 

So check out Suzy and Taeyeon picture below!

In the latest celebrity update, Miss A’s Suzy and Girls Generation’s Taeyeon are both showed off their cute charms with their choice of a striped blue jacket that is speckled with stars.

Miss A Suzy wore the blue jacket with star design in her drama ‘Big’. She successfully carried out the unique and sporty look for her character with just the jacket alone while Taeyeon gave the same jacket a very sophisticated look by matching it with a T-shirt and high waist denim shorts.

Meanwhile, Fans leave their compliments for both stars because they successfully pulling the look in their own unique way by saying,

                “They look so cute no matter what they wear,” Wearing jackets with stars makes them look sparkly,” and “the two most popular celebrities are wearing the same clothes.”

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