Thursday, June 28, 2012

YG-Life Reveals Dara & Minzy’s Teaser Photos With Confirmed Single For 2NE1’s Comeback!


After slowly teasing fans over the weeks, YG Entertainment has finally released comeback date and stage performance date as well as they revealed the last two teaser photo of Dara and Minzy!

What is their comeback single? Who are the professionals help their album?

Check out the photos of Dara and Minzy below!

In the latest celebrity update, YG-Life blog confirmed the group’s comeback date on July 05, 2012, comeback stage date on July 08, 2012 and the confirmed single ‘I Love You’, marking the group’s first Korean comeback in nearly a year.

As you can see all the teasers photos are revealed including their comeback title track and it is seems that their comeback is getting higher with each release.

Dara showcase a new dramatic hair style including a caption of ‘2012.07.05’, signifying the date of their album release while Minzy showcase a new chic style including a caption of ‘2NE1 COMEBACK 0708 SBS Inkigayo’, signifying the date of their comeback stage.

Recently, the ladies will also embarking on their first world tour later in July with the help of renowned professionals like Jeremy Scott, Divinity Roxx, Michael Cotton and Travis Payne.

Meanwhile, 2NE1’s looking forward to a bigger summer as right after their new album release and they will be having a two-day concert in Seoul on July 28 and 29, 2012 to kick off their first world tour.

YG Entertainment also gave a statement according to 2NE1s concert.

“2NE1’s first world tour ‘New Evolution’ includes the participation of world famous artists like choreographer Travis Payne, who previously workd with the late Michael Jackson, and Divinity Roxx, the leader of Beyonce’s tour band.”

So stay tuned as more details!

3rd teaser photo featuring Dara:

4th teaser photo featuring Minzy!

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