Monday, June 04, 2012

Big Bang Latest Music Video “Monster” Released!


Once again Big Bang has released a special edition album “Still Alive’ as a special gift for their fans. It is a digital download along with their latest music video for “Monster”.

What can you expect in their MV for “Monster”? Are you digging Taeyang’s new haircut? Whose hairstyle did you like best in “Monster”? Well, check out their MV of “Monster” and some photographs below!

Big Bang is one of the most anticipating comebacks in South Korea that’s why YG Entertainment decided to released a special edition of their album “Still Alive” including a music video of “Monster” on June 03, 2012.

Did you know that the song “Monster” is described as being fiercer and more powerful than any other Big Bang song released to date. In addition, there was a high budget for the MV and the quality is on par with many Hollywood productions. It is also considered as the same level as a blockbuster film. As you expected, the boys didn’t fail to show a fresh and unique visual concept.

In the latest celebrity update, there has been a lot of buzz circling around about the bizarre hairstyle of Taeyang in the music video.

Some of their fans have give their disappointment statement about his new look while others have shrugged it off.
However, Taeyang is seems loving his new hairstyle even though there have some mixed reactions about it.
In fact, he took a great courage to post a short message on his twitter that read, “MICKY MOUSE HAIR. LOVE IT..!”


Suddenly, his fans had diverse reactions to his tweet by responding with “I’m sorry, but it looks ridiculous,” “I miss your Mohawk”, and “Put up a tutorial video on YouTube. I want to learn how to style my hair like that!”

Although fans won’t be able to enjoy Big Bang performing “Monster” in Korea, you can check out their amazing music video below! Including some photographs:

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