Wednesday, July 31, 2013

It’s Over: Nikki Gil And Billy Crawford End Romance!

The showbiz couple a lot of people thought would end up together has parted ways after over 4 years.

What really happen between the two of them? Is there any Third party involved?

Excited to know more about the break-up of Nikki-Billy? Well, check out the story below!

In the latest celebrity update, The entertainment industry woke up to heartbreaking news last Thursday morning July 25, 2013 as another high-profile couple struck of break up – this time it’s the power couple Nikki Gil and Billy Crawford.

According to statement of ALV Talent Circuit, it’s confirmed that their talent ‘have indeed mutually agreed to end their relationship.’

“On behalf of our artists, Billy Crawford and Nikki Gil, we are greatly saddened by their admission that they have indeed mutually agreed to end their relationship of more than four years. With due respect to their privacy, we are refraining from issuing any other facts or statements related to the issue at this critical juncture,” ALV Talent Circuit statement.

In fact, their relationship lasted for almost five years, considerably one of the longest in the industry where relationships have the shortest turnover.

In addition, the couple supposed to be celebrating their fifth anniversary next month.

In the meantime, in their home studio ABS-CBN, an insider familiar to the network dealings that they are still in state of shock after learning about the news, especially since they know the couple to be ‘very much in love with each other.’

The Kapamilya insider also said that everyone was just waiting for what could be a lovely wedding, since both parties have been very vocal about their plans to own a house and eventually settle down.

Furthermore, it’s not immediately known why the two have decided to end their relationship. Two days before the confirmation that the two have indeed parted ways, a noticeably sad Nikki took to Instagram to show where her source of strength is coming from these days.

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