Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Raymart Santiago Marital Rift Worsen!

Now, the rift has gone public. Claudine Barretto is making legal moves against Raymart Santiago.

What Claudine filed against Raymart? Is their marriage getting worse? Is there no reconciliation?

Excited to know the whole Raymart-Claudine case story? Well, check out below!

The rift between Claudine Barretto and her husband Raymart Santiago is getting wider.

In the latest celebrity update, the actress Claudine sought the help of lawyer Ferdinand Topacio in filing a Temporary Protection Order (TPO) against Raymart on Monday July 29, 2013.

“To protect my client against Mr. Santiago for acts that have been continuously persistent since 2005,” Topacio said regarding filed TPO.

Meanwhile, Topacio refuses to reveal just what these all about because according to ‘Republic Act 9262 (Law for the Protection of Women and Children), under which the TPO was filed, these things are supposed to confidential.

In addition, a hearing on the TPO is set on Tuesday July 30, 2013.

As you remember that the actor Raymart was conspicuously absent during the birthday party of Sabina, his and Claudine’s adopted daughter, last July 6. Claudine said he knew that there was a party.

Furthermore, Claudine’s mother Inday Barretto also revealed that her youngest daughter and Raymart have been living apart for quite some time.

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