Monday, July 29, 2013

Glaiza De Castro Learns Not To Trust Too Easily!

The actress Glaiza De Castro learns a lesson on trusting people she doesn’t really know the hard way.

What really happened to Glaiza for not trusting people too easily? What hurt Glaiza?

Check the story below!

In the latest celebrity, Glaiza De Castro learned a lesson on trusting strangers the tough way. She went to Dubai on a solo show recently, only to find out that the organizer is a Filipino.

“TNT siya sa Dubai at maraming tinataguan. Wala siyang idea kung paano mag-hold ng show. Humingi siya ng pera sa mga photographers at sponsor,” Glaiza said at the launch of YES Magazine’s 100 Most Beautiful Stars of 2013.

In additional, Glaiza only got paid for the second show since the organizer, a different one this time, was true to his word. But she didn’t get a single centavo for the first show because she trusted the other party too much.

“Since Pinoy naman, nagtiwala kami na sige, doon na lang pagusapan ang (financial) settlement,” she said.

In fact, Glaiza says she shouldered the air fare from Manila to Dubai because she also wanted to see her sister, who was based there.

However, all the tension vanished when she felt the warm welcome from her Dubai-based kababayan, who were indignant when they learned about Glaiuza’s plight.

The actress also revealed that some of them even chipped in for Glaiza’s food and other needs.

De Castro admits she is in-between projects these days. But she doesn’t mind. Rather than look at the dark side, she would like to think that she is getting the chance to recharge for her next project.

                “Hindi ako nalulungkot kasi may sapat na oras ako para mag-relax,” she said.

Glaiza also state that this sunny outlook despite the problems could be the reason why YES! has included her in list of ‘Primetime Princesses’.

“Ang pagiging beautiful is a state of mind. If you feel beautiful inside, magma-manifest yon. Being beautiful is all about outlook in life,” she said.

Meanwhile, Glaiza refused to let her sad experience in Dubai rob her of her zest in life rather than mope about it, she took the chance to bond with her family, a cousin is also based there, and enjoys the tourist attractions in the oil-rich city.

                “May positive pa ring nangyayari,” she said.

As matter of fact, Glaiza wiser and more careful this time, has moved on.

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