Sunday, July 28, 2013

Girl’s Day Show Their Colorful Charms For ‘SURE’!

Girl’s Day is the latest cover for August issue of SURE magazine

What is the reason for their huge transformation? What their fans to expect from Girl’s Day?

Check out their colorful charms photos below!

In the latest celebrity update, Girl’s Day recently did a wonderful photoshoot for a fashion magazine ‘SURE’ where the members’ showed off their colorful charms.

The Girl’s Day members are seen sporting outfits in red, dark blue, green and purple colours, as they flaunted their own individual charms in their pictures.

Meanwhile, Girl’s Day is celebrating their 3rd anniversary this year and they also recently claimed a trophy on a music show for their hit single ‘Female President’. The Girl’s Day members left a wonderful remark:

“We still have a long way to go, in our quest to become the best girl group. When we are doing our solo activities, each of us also wants to be acknowledged by others.”

Furthermore, when the girls are asked the reason behind their huge transformation, they gained confidence and definitely will be trying new images in the future.

“We were really worried at the beginning, and also pondered about whether we could do it. But we have gained confidence now, and we will be trying out new images continuously in future,” Girl’s Day replied.

You can check their full photo shoot through the August issue of ‘SURE’ magazine.

Girl's Day Photo 1


Girl's Day Photo 2



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