Friday, August 24, 2012

Prince Harry Strips Down In Las Vegas!

Prince Harry probably wasn’t aware he’d be “exposed” by a tabloid website.

Is Prince Harry shows off ‘crown jewels’?

Check out the truth behind the exposed photo of Prince Harry below!

In the latest celebrity update, a lot of people’s eyebrows were raised when tabloid website exposed photos of the British royal Prince Harry on Tuesday partying in Las Vegas.

We have always known that the 27 year old Prince Harry was the wild one but we didn’t expect to see him like this so now there are more photos have been exposed to prove it.

 The tabloid website acquired exclusive photos of Prince Harry in strip pool after meeting some girls in a hotel bar according to US Magazine. Some of the partygoers captured the prince in his VIP hotel suite “completely naked.”

One of his photos show the prince bent over, and covering his private parts with his hands and there is a woman, whose face isn’t shown, appears to be hiding behind him.

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Another photo shows the same man with his arms around a bare woman with his behind showing.
However, Clarence House spokesman of Prince Harry confirmed to UK website Mailonline that the photos are indeed genuine, but they said that they “would be commenting on them.”

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In fact, this isn’t the first time that Prince William’s younger brother has figured in scandal because in year 2002, there are accusations were made of the then 16 years old underage drinking and cannabis use and then in the year of 2005, there were photos of the young royal came out showing the prince in a Nazi soldier’s uniform, causing the prince to issue an apology.

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