Saturday, August 25, 2012

HyunA Gets Emotional About 4minute Members On ‘Travel Maker’!


4minute’s HyunA shed tears on the most recent episode of QTV’s ‘4minute’s Travel Maker’!

Check out the reason behind of HyunA tears below!

In the latest celebrity update, 4minute’s HyunA get so emotional in the last day of their 4minute’s Travel Maker in Singapore. They had wonderful time and had some honest conversations with one another.

“Let’s just continue like this, with one unified heart and goal. Don’t get sick, you guys, and don’t be so weary,” HyunA remarked.

In spite of wearing sunglasses, her fellow members discovered the tears that slid down her cheeks, and HyunA’s love for her group caused the rest of them to get emotional as well as has teary eyed.

Meanwhile, the viewers who saw the episode gave positive remarks towards HyunA plus they were touched by her.

“Good to see that she cares for her fellow members,” “she is very sweet!,” “Despite her image is sexy, she is very kind and sweet in real life,” and “They seem to have a really closed bond.”

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  1. hyuna is the best singer ever maybe she had something on her mind that made her cry she is a cute girl she does everything to make her fans happy and i am proud of her :D anneyong hyuna


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